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all classes non contact only & social distance

*All Members are limited to 2 Classes per week

Everyone Must wear mask in and out while in lobby

In person classes below:

We will offer 3 types of classes moving forward


Mask for

Entire Class

Participants in this class agree to wear the mask for the entire class up to 12 kids


Mask breaks allowed

Participants in this class must enter and leave wearing the mask up to 12 kids

Mask breaks allowed


Online at home 4-6 kids


register for a class  

*please let pages load completely they load slowly!

the system works but please give it time to load fully

Important things to note:

1. Choose classes on Sunday for the upcoming week

I have set limits on class sizes to 12 kids.


2. Please Drop off in front and pick up in back of school.

( drive around back of school- use back door)

3. All Classes will end 5 mintues early to allow for cleaning and social distance in and out

4. Make sure you receive a confirmation email once you sign up for class ( in some cases having a Gmail email address makes this easier)

Thank you- Bill Stevens

For Zoom classes here- M T W  T F  S

Mon Weds zoom =  Basic /Intermediate levels

Tues /Thurs = Advanced /older Memebers 

Fri Sat= All levels 

Here are some of the steps for a safe return to lessons were are taking:

Temperature checks at entry -all Adult staff being regularly Covid Tested.

Limited class size to ensure social distance- class training areas spaced at least 6ft apart 

Hospital grade disinfectant to be used in between classes

Contact free training

We will not allow visitors or spectators to the classes. All classes will be recorded on video if you would like live view on Zoom/Google 

july23 covid.jpg

(Shoprite, customer parking in back)

Contact Us



91 Interstate Shopping Center
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446

First Class Free
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Private and Group Classes

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